Complaints and Feedback.

If you believe that things may have gone wrong or we may have failed to meet the standards of service you expect, we are committed to dealing with your concern or complaint in a thorough, timely and professional manner. Our internal complaints procedure is designed to resolve our issues quickly and easily. To register any concern or complaint, please contact us at We aim to respond to all communication within 48hrs.

Terms & Conditions.

•   By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are entering into an agreement to purchase the registration number detailed on your order form and/or email, and in accordance with The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014, the service procedure will begin immediately and cannot be cancelled or refunded.

•   The registration number can only be assigned to a vehicle, currently registered in mainland Britain or Northern Ireland, and at the time of assignment the vehicle must be taxed and of a testable type. You cannot make the vehicle appear younger than it actually is. You should not proceed with the purchase if your intention is to mis-space or mis-represent the registration number.

•   You will receive a request from us for the vehicle documents as and when we need them, (you need to provide these before we can make your plates).  

•   The terms shown above are abbreviated from our full terms of business.